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Band's list Alternative Metal Soul Sanctuary Afterlife
Album, Released date : 31 August 2009 - Self-Released
Style: Alternative Metal

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RATING SOM : 17/20
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1. Afterlife 05:28
2. Game of Conviction 03:07
3. Destiny 04:00
4. Killing Time 04:14
5. Packaged to Sell 04:19
6. Reflections 05:00
7. Scars of You 03:51
8. Cauterized 04:12
9. Zeitgeist 04:06
10. Gone Away 03:43
11. Heart Attack 05:00
Total playing time 47:00

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3 ratings 1 18/20
17 / 20
    Nastasia, Friday 19 March 2010 Talk to your friends  
When some band is referred to play “alternative metal” it’s very difficult to clearly and exactly imagine what music they are trying to play. Anyway, in case of Soul Sanctuary, whatever they were trying to create, the album Afterlife is an exclusive piece of an amazing quality.

Even though a combination of growl and clear vocals and pissed off lyrics about how this world and our lives are fucked up is an old well proven way to get a listenable album, it’s not a rule that you always get a successful and a good-class record. Luckily, in this case, everything worked out in the best way it could!

Despite the fact that the scheme of some of the songs is almost identical which may be tiring for some listeners, there is no chance that the songs will blend in one since each and every one of them has a new, original charge.
The album starts away right with the title track Afterlife. A variation of striking parts and more melodic clearly sand passages is typical for this song as well as for the whole album. And the guitar solo, which is very good by the way, is not missing too. All together, the starting track destroys all the doubts you could have before turning the album on. And what’s more, it is getting better and better.

Except of the backing screams, Game of Conviction as a whole clearly sang track. A very catchy riffs and lyrics continuing in the same sceptic mood make you enjoy the whole pissed off spirit. The following Destiny is more melodic yet very energetic and with a slight rock’n’roll sparkle heard just in the beginning and few riffs during the song. Doubling the vocals in the right moments is another minuteness that makes a good experience of the enjoying the album.

Killing Time is a track which takes the all aggression that the previous ones could miss and concentrates it in itself. Getting back to the growling-strophes/clean-refrains pattern doesn’t do any harm especially since some of the parts are deepened and darkened and the others groovier.
With a beginning as a message on an answering machine comes Packaged to Sell which still keeps on the same formula as the tracks before whereas the next song slightly stands out. From the acoustic, mellow beginning the song is gradating step by step and shows practically the range of the rapidity of the band. But it would be a mistake to await the same from the following track Scars of You which may mystify by its slow push off but in general is quite striking.

Cauterized is a very catchy piece of work and has everything to come into the awareness of the wider sphere of awareness of listeners. Zeitgeist jumps from mild tunes to storming beats all over again and doesn’t let you get bored. Gone Away seems to be more as if smoothed and rock sounding and framed that the rest of the album and it definitely works well. Officially last track is Heart Attack and it makes a nice finish of the album.

But why “officially”? I’m not sure whether it is a purpose or a lag (which I would be thankful for) but you can notice that instead of eleven tracks as written on the booklet there are thirteen. So if you think that the album already officially finished, you can wait and approximately after thirteen minutes, a surprise waits for you.
If you want to know, that the surprise is, all I can advise you is to buy the album, which would be definitely NOT a waste of money.

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