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Band's list Metalcore Sonic Syndicate Confessions
Album, Released date : 14 October 2016 - Despotz Records
Style: Metalcore

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RATING : 6/20
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1. Confessions
2. It’s a Shame
3. Start a War
4. Falling
5. I like It Rough
6. Still Believe
7. Crystalize
8. Burn to Live
9. Life Is Not a Map
10. Russian Roulette
11. Closure
12. Halfway Down the Road

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6 ratings 1 6/20
1 / 20
    michaelhunterbathory, Friday 14 April 2017 Talk to your friends  
Bury the hatchet, Robin. Oh, and your ego, too!

One would think with a comeback, there would still be hope for this band. I, as an avid supporter of the Sonic Syndicate that I used to know, feel betrayed. On the other end, there is The Unguided. It makes total sense as to why Richard and Roger left Sonic Syndicate to begin with. Roland, sure, left before Richard and Roger followed suit, but there was still hope with the initial recruitment of Nathan Biggs.
They also have acquired Degradead's bass guitarist. Amazing acquisition to replace Karin Axelsson!
With that in mind, when you listen to management and don't produce something that comes from heart, you come out with an abomination to fit in a crowd you won't even appeal to because you have got to have an inflated ego to be satisfied with a change in direction. Of course, I am talking about Sonic Syndicate's release, We Rule The Night, but more importantly in this review, Confessions.

I had hopes with the posthumous record that Sonic Syndicate put out, despite Richard and Roger not being in the picture (which I can totally understand... I mean, besides... The Unguided was born...)
Then, there is this piece of trash, Confessions. The recruitment of Nathan Biggs wasn't something I got used to very quickly when Roland first left, but it grew on me with the Burn This City EP.

We fast forward to 2016, and pretty much, we get something worse than We Rule The Night. How is that even possible? I don't know. Just ask Robin.

There are no good nor great highlights on this record, let alone anything memorable. The title track, Confessions, gave me some sort of promise, but the sentiment of expectation was long gone. This band releases their first single "Start A War", which by the way is a horrendous and pathetic excuse of a Sonic Syndicate track. (I honestly feel like considering this album a Sonic Syndicate album - this AND We Rule The Night - is blasphemy.) So, they release "Start A War"... Guess who wanted to drink a thousand shots of absinthe.
I skim through the album, only to still realize I can't fathom why I would listen to this piece of garbage to begin with.
"Crystallize" still had a good melodic metalcore thing going at the beginning of the song, and the pop singing came in. Really, Nathan?
Nonetheless, it was a decent effort.
Songs like Halfway Down the Road, Still Believe, It's A Shame and and I Like It Rough make this band's intentions clear, but this really won't end well in the long run. I mean, as I mention earlier, who exactly are they trying to appeal to? Prepubescent teenagers?
Honest album? Give me a break. Go listen to Eden Fire, and then come talk to me about an honest album!

One thing I want to say... If you guys want this change of direction, change your band name, and never perform ANY Sonic Syndicate songs EVER AGAIN.
Besides, we all know who the martyrs are. The 616 will live on forevermore, whilst this empty shell comes to its abrupt end.

To conclude, I just want to say one more thing:

We Rule The Night... You win.

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