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Band's list Thrash Neo Slipknot (USA-1) Iowa
Album, Released date : 28 August 2001 - Roadrunner Records
Produced by : Robinson Ross, Recorded at : Soundcity Studio
Style: Nu Metal
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RATING SOM : 10/20
All rates : 15/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. (515) 00:59
2. People = Shit 03:35
3. Disasterpiece 05:08
4. My Plague 03:40
5. Everything Ends 04:14
6. The Heretic Anthem 04:14
7. Gently 04:54
8. Left Behind 04:01
9. The Shape 03:37
10. I Am Hated 02:37
11. Skin Ticket 06:41
12. New Abortion 03:36
13. Metabolic 03:59
14. Iowa 15:04
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
15. Liberate (Live) 04:25
Bonustrack (10th Anniversary Edition)
15. My Plague (New Abuse Mix) 03:02
Total playing time 1:06:19

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426 ratings 4 15/20
    Vermilion_Angel, Friday 14 October 2011 Talk to your friends  
The nine people that have made this album have created a masterpiece...

Iowa, for me, is the most intense album Slipknot have ever done. It captures a moment in the bands' life back in 2001, and describes perfectly what was going on back then.

Iowa uses a mixture of heavy and light songs. There are no acoustics here, but fragile songs where the instruments are played quietly and the vocalist whispers. Tension builds up in these songs, and eventually it is back to the Slipknot that we all know and love. There are full-on hatred anthems on this record as well, and some songs where the vocals are rapped, bringing back the essence of Slipknot from their debut album in 1999. Also like their debut, there are no solos in this record, just tremolo picking and heavy rhythm parts. The double bass drums are used more frequently here than in the debut, but the samples and DJ effects are less used. The vocals are varied between heavy and light tones and sounds. Unfortunately, the bass is more covered up in some songs than what was on their debut.

Iowa is an extreme album. The nine people that made this record have created a masterpiece, something that is bigger than them. The intensity of this record is unforgettable and amazing. I don't know any other band that have managed to set an atmosphere quite like this. I totally recommend buying this album.

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