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Slingblade The Unpredicted Deeds of Molly Black
Album, Released date : 30 September 2011 - High Roller Records
Style: Heavy Metal

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RATING : 17/20
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1. The Nature of Evil
2. Back to Class
3. Tie Her to the Cross
4. The Demon
5. Reverend's Daughter
6. Slasher on the Loose
7. Off the Hook
8. This Dream Will End
9. Molly's Death
10. Give Back What You Borrow

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3 ratings 1 17/20
    tiosanpr, Monday 31 October 2016 Talk to your friends  
A wonderfull album! A spectacular sound. Very rare nowadays.

Band very reminiscent of the late 8th it was the best time of heavy metal. I loved the lyrics, the songs. Very sober. The female vocals gave a special touch of overall production. I await this band here in Brazil, in Curitiba that is a hotbed of Metal.

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