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Liste des groupes Hard Rock Scorpions Taken B-Side
Compilation, date de parution : 2009 - Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Style: Hard Rock

NOTE : 16/20
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1. Cold
2. I Can't Explain (The Who Cover)
3. Dreamer
4. Too Far
5. Edge of Time
6. Heroes Don't Cry
7. You and I
8. She's Knocking at My Door
9. Alex Julie's Love Theme
10. Daddy's Girl
11. Ave Maria No Morro
12. Partners in Crime
13. You and I (Special Single Mix)
14. Kami O Shin Jiru
15. Rhythm of Love (Acoustic)
16. Humanity (Radio Edit Incl. Orchestra)
17. White Dove
18. Wind of Change
19. You Are the Champion
1. 'Cause I Love You
2. Rubber Fucker
3. Kiss of Borrowed Time
4. Bad for Good
5. When Love Kills Love
6. Hey You
7. Over the Top
8. Wind of Change (Spanish Version)
9. Life Goes Around
10. His Latest Flame
11. Miracle
12. Mind Power
13. Love Is Blind
14. Start Me Up
15. When You Came into My Life
16. Back to U
17. Fuchs Geh Voran
18. Bis Wohin Reicht Mein Leben

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4 avis 0 16/20
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