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Band's list Black Heavy Root Daemon Viam Invenient
CD, Released date : April 2007 - Shindy Productions
Style: Black Heavy

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1. Black Dove & White Raven
2. Human
3. She
4. Who're They?
5. Awakening
6. Immortals (Tears of Stone)
7. Strange Beauty of Fright
8. And They Are Silent
9. Sonata of the Chosen Ones
10. What Will Be Next
11. Hope Dies at Last
12. A Good Affair Turned Up
13. We Shall Never Surrender
A special limited "666 edition" was released with a bonus DVD. Limited to 666 copies.
Vinyl version released in 2008 by Monster Nation on black vinyl and orange vinyl. Orange limited to 250 copies.
A bootleg LP of the album by God Is Dead Records was released.
A music video for "Sonata of the Chosen Ones" was made.

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