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Band's list Viking Black Riger Gjallar
Album, Released date : 10 November 2004 - CCP Records
Style: Viking Black

RATING : 18/20
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1. Zunft der Lügner
2. Eisenhagel
3. Böser Glaube
4. Brandschiff
5. Angriff
6. Siechtum im Glanze
7. Sold der Inbrunst (Einherjer)
8. Schöpfer der Hetze
9. Spiegellos
10. Outro

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4 ratings 2 18/20
20 / 20
    hack, Tuesday 15 September 2009 Talk to your friends  
I love this album. Its Rigers best album. I bought it on I-Tunes in 2008. I am still jamming to it today and some songs from it, everyday. Its fine pagan metal. The songs are well written and original. The musicians are very skilled, but its the good songs that have got me hooked to this album. I love the vocals, they are humorously grim, but the music is no joke. Its super heavy at times and lighter with awesome guitar solos at other times. The album is so good that you could just let it play through, but some songs are so great, that youll want to add them to your playlist on your I-Pod or mixed disc of metal songs. This is almost a metal masterpiece.I highly recommend this wonderful piece of metallic art.

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