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Band's list Speed Heavy Rage (GER) End of all Days
CD, Released date : 1996 - GUN Records
Produced by : Pösselt Ulrich
Style: Speed Heavy

RATING SOM : 15/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Under Control
2. Higher Than the Sky
3. Deep in the Blackest Hole
4. End of all Days
5. Visions
6. Desperation
7. Voice from the Vault
8. Let the Night Begin
9. Fortress
10. Frozen Fire
11. Talking to the Dead
12. Face Behind the Mask
13. Silent Victory
14. Fading Hours
15. How We Treat Each Other
16. The Sleep
17. The Trooper
The German limited edition (Cat.-No. 74321 39036 2) did not have "How We Treat Each Other", but the two other bonus tracks.
The Japanese release on Victor includes "How We Treat Each Other", and "The Sleep" as the bonus tracks, but not "The Trooper".

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