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Band's list Heavy Rock Quatrain Quatrain
Album, Released date : 1968 - Polydor / Tetragrammaton Records / Sundazed Music
Style: Heavy Rock

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1. Fragments
2. Unconquered Islands
3. Flowing Robes
4. Fields of Love
5. Canyon Women
6. Rollin
7. Black Lily
8. Early Morning Company
9. Ask Me No Questions
10. Try to Live Again
11. Masquerade
12. The Tree
Bonustracks (CD Re-Issue 2008)
13. Towering Buildings
14. So Much for Royalty
15. Unforeseen Regrets
16. When Will You Happen to Me
17. Let You Go
18. Sun Came Up
19. Get a Life
20. Ghosts Over the Sunset Strip

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