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Band's list Progressive Black Quasar (AUS) Tales of Arcana
Album, Released date : 2007 - Plague Productions
Style: Progressive Black

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1. Celestial Summoning of Nocturnal Illumination (Intro)
2. Wisdom of Afar
3. Eternal Ancient Rhythms
4. Photosphere
5. Unforseen Forces
6. Aftermath (Unforseen Forces Part 2.)
7. Evil-ution
8. The Discipline of Questioning
9. Atlantean Ruins Lost to the Sea
10. To Travel Through Space and Time in Search of the Unknown
11. A Speck of Impurity in the Crucible of the Universe ( Part 1. The Birth of Ideas)
12. Gathered in Stone Circles to Worship the Sun
13. Memories of the Transit of Halley's Comet
14. Funeral Fog At Dawn (Outro)

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