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Band's list Folk black Primordial A Journey's End
CD, Released date : 09 January 1998 - Misanthropy Records / Metal Blade Records / Hammerheart Records
Recorded at : Academy Music Studios
Style: Folk black
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RATING SOM : 16/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
Re-Issue in 2001 by Hammerheart Records
Re-Issue in 2009 by Metal Blade Records
1. Graven Idol
2. Dark Song
3. Autumn's Ablaze
4. Journey's End
5. Solitary Mourner
6. Bitter Harvest
7. On Aistear Deirneach
Bonustrack (Re-Issue 2001)
8. And the Sun Set on Life Forever
DISC 2 (Re-Issue 2009)
Recorded live at the Ritz, Lisbon, Portugal, 09/12/1999
1. Infernal Summer
2. The Calling
3. A Journey's End
4. Children of the Harvest
5. The Burning Season
6. The Purging Fire (Gods to the Godless)
7. Autumn's Ablaze
8. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever
9. Graven Idol
10. To Enter Pagan

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8 ratings 0 17/20
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