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Pathogen (PHL) Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations
Album, Released date : 2010 - Satanized Productions
Style: Death Metal
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1. Atrocity Exhibit
2. Monolith
3. Heretical Wisdom
4. Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval
5. Leviathan
6. Idological Strife
7. Afterlife (Sacrifice Cover)
8. Uranium Messiah

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    GandhiEgo, Friday 22 March 2013 Talk to your friends  
The Ultimate Altar

I must admit that my knowledge of the Filipino Metal scene is rather limited. There is one Black Metal band called Kratornas that I know of and… wait, that’s it. So when I had to review this Death Metal record from a band named Pathogen, curiosity got the better of me. Admittedly, the South-East Asian scene is better known for its Black Metal acts and their rawness and brutality and it seems that Death Metal there is no exception.

Pathogen released Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations back in 2009 on CR-R, inked a deal with French Satanized Productions in 2010 for a tape release and eventually another one with Dunkelheit Produktionen in 2013 for a re-release this time on CD and vinyl with different cover art. Listening to it you can’t help but understand why this album is still picking pace even four years after its initial release. I bet that coming from the Philippines, which most people wouldn’t associate with Metal, does not help to gain peer recognition outside of the local sphere so it was only a matter of time for Pathogen to reach a wider audience.

Musically speaking and as written earlier, Pathogen play old-school Death Metal that is raw and brutal. This impression comes off first from the production, which a few other reviews deemed very bad but I like how it is reminiscent of an era long gone. From the very first notes, this will scream Morbid Angel, Altars of Madness era and Vader with The Ultimate Incantation. Tracks are fast and catchy as hell and I must praise Pathogen’ lead guitarist for his virtuoso style that yes could be compared to no other than Trey Azagthoth and also (incidentally) to Jeff Hanneman.

The sound is more coarse and deeper than on these fantastic records and has less of this remaining thrashy feeling that was somehow the trademark of early Death Metal but it suits Pathogen well. Even though most of the record is trying to kill you with how fast it goes, there are also some well thought breaks here (Heretical Wisdom) and there (Uranium Messiah) that provide additional heaviness. Did I already mention of incredible the leads were? I think I did but it’s nice to insist as sometimes Pathogen’s lead guitarist goes crazy but can also add more melody to his parts making it the main attraction of the records along with those killer riffs that often border on Thrash Metal (namely Slayer) just like Vader’s debut.

Conclusion is easy. If you were curious as to how Filipino Death Metal would sound, look no further. This is certainly not original but worth the money you’ll be spending on. It’s got youthful rage, great sound and fantastic riffs and leads. It’s no wonder this got re-released on and on.

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