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Liste des groupes Metalcore Our Imbalance Our Imbalance
EP, date de parution : 20 Avril 2012 - Self-Produced
Style: Metalcore

NOTE : 15/20
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1. Sleepers 02:50
2. Deception 02:59
3. Try to Please 03:04
4. Counting the Days 03:03
5. False Pride 02:12
6. Obstacles 04:16
Total playing time 18:23

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1 avis 1 15/20

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15 / 20
    SilentDan297, Mardi 24 Avril 2012 parlez-en à vos amis  
Amazing... now make some more!

This is a high quality album made to pump up the blood of those who hear it, it has great quality for a first album which not many bands can achieve at such an early stage. This album definitely shows the dedication each and every member is putting into the album and this is a great result. This band is very dedicated to what it does and they have tried so hard to progress so fast, since they only formed 7 moths ago, this album shows how clearly their dedication to their music is, and I respect that a lot.

It has dark and aggressive aspects which really make me want to mosh until all my bones have fractured... that could happen if the album was longer of course. I know I shouldn't be asking them to do more than what they have already made but 18 minutes is too short for me despite it being an EP, though it is the bands first recording, so I forgive them, and hope they make some more songs in the future... and longer so as the fun in the pits can last longer.

The Songs all give out the same feeling yet you get a different vibe somehow. I don't know what it is but despite each song having similar moods produced. It makes you take a different course of action, which is what short albums, and EP's should be like. You don't want an album that sounds and feels all same, you obviously need differences from song to song, However not so different that it feels like you're listening to a compilation of bands, That would just be pointless and confusing. So to me at least, this EP is perfect for the sound, vibe and quality, but I wish it was longer, I need more aggressive time, haha.

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