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Liste des groupes Death Metal Nunslaughter Goat
CD, date de parution : 07 Juillet 2003 - Hell's Headbangers Records / Metal War Productions
Style: Death Metal

NOTE : 17/20
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Re-Issue in 2005 by Hell's Headbangers Records with a different cover.
Re-Issue in 2011 by Hell's Headbangers Records on digipack version with 10 bonustracks (Live at Aurora, Illinois, 19/07/2003) and with a different cover.
1. The Crowned and Conquering Hag
2. You Bleed
3. She Lives by Night
4. Sacrificial Zombie
5. Immune to Poison
6. Raid the Convent
7. As the Cacodemons Feast
8. Church of Disgust
9. Satanic Slut
10. Ritual of Darkness
11. The Guts of Christ
12. Thou Art in the Kingdom of Hell
13. Angel Hunt
14. The Sephiroth
15. Jesus Is Doomed
Bonustrack (Re-Issue)
16. Power of Darkness
17. Altar of the Dead
18. Raid the Convent
19. Killed by the Cross
20. Ouija
21. Emperor in Hell
22. Black Horn of the Ram
23. In the Graveyard
24. Devil Metal
25. Atheist Way

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