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Band's list Brutal Death Nexhymn Black Horizon
EP, Erscheinungsdatum : 21 Februar 2012 - Self-Released
Style: Brutal Death

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1. Decaying Monument
2. Undetermined Supplication
3. Repacious Tempest
4. Black Horizon
5. Exquisite Plague
6. Death Emotion
Bonus Video
7. Decaying Monument

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    throcult, Sonntag 01 April 2012 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Welcome the Clangor of War!!!! – NEXHYMN

Air raid sirens and a hail of machine gun fire open the gates and welcome the oncoming clangor of war. There is no way you could not compare NEXHYMN and their style of death metal to the savagery and destruction of warfare. With the explosive cluster bomb-like double bass maiming all in its path and the incendiary attack of the guitars there is little doubt that these guys (and one girl) mean to invoke butchery.

One concussive track after another makes Black Horizon a powerful work that highlights NEXHYMNs ability to write powerful tunes. Creative and complex but keeping the onslaught non-stop with its old-school death metal sensibility. The musicianship on this is great, as you would expect because NEXHYMN is made up of some long-time death metal devotees. Guitarist Ivan Alcala has been laying down a heavy barrage of metal since at least the late 1990’s with his earlier band, THROCULT.

Out in front of all this metal mayhem are the guttural vocals of Holly Wedel. While her vocals are powerful and churning in their own right, it feels a bit like she is holding something in reserve. I can tell there is even more power and dynamic range just below the surface. Add the rumbling threat of the pounding bass and you have some killer extreme death metal that is relentless and grinding.

The clear production on Black Horizon is superb thanks to Jeff Alexis at Hellfire Studios and Dave Otero at Flatline Audio and NEXHYMN show without a doubt that they are ready to roll out and lay siege to our senses with no restraint. The blackened apocalyptic visions put forth by NEXHYMN are obvious with song titles such as Decaying Monument and Exquisite Plague but I wish there was a lyric sheet included so that I could better grasp their content. The art is grim and to the point and really captures the whole vibe of NEXHYMN.

So, if bands offering up technical and extreme metal like NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION and BENEDICTION are your thing, then this will be right up your dark alley. (val)

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