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Black Metal Nargaroth Crushing Some Belgian Scum
Live, data de aparición : 2004 - Curse Of KvN Sadistic
Style: Black Metal

NOTA : 15/20
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Tape version is limited to 200 copies
1. Black Metal ist Krieg
2. Posessed by Black Fucking Metal
3. I Burn for You (Lord Foul Cover)
4. Vom Traum die Menschheit zu Töten

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The Black Metal War Is (A) Live

Crushing Some Belgian Scum from Nargaroth is what Eine kleine Nachtmusik for Venom or Live in Leipzig for Mayhem. This Livealbum include four Songs and one Coversong from Lord Foul. This Livealbum was recorded in Belgium in 2004.

The first Song on the Album is a Nargaroth classic is Black Metal Ist Krieg.
Black Metal Ist Krieg is what everyone at every Live show want to hear.
The full energy of this Song is amazing. When Nargaroth play this Song Live the whole Crowd gets angry and everyone screams Black Metal Ist Krieg. The first sentence that Black Metal Guy's can say in German is Black Metal Ist Krieg.

The only Coversong on the Album is a Cover of the American Black Metal Band Lord (of) Foul. I Burn For You is really one of the best Coversongs of all time it has a special power and the raw sound, that Cover is a Masterpiece by Nargaroth.

Live Albums are always a thing that every band needs. Nargaroth are for me a live spectacle I will never forget when I saw them in Vienna. They had such an amazing live sound and they always play Covers like Burzum, Mayhem, or Motörhead. When my Friends ask me: How was the Concert? I answered: I can't tell you that because you must see it yourself and then you know why I can't tell you that. Nargaroth are a Band that never do the same twice and that is the special on Nargaroth, Amarok sound different than Rasluka or Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare and Herbstleyd.

The Third Live Song is Possessed by Black Fuckin' Metal. This Song is a real live burner. The whole Crowd screams to this Song and the whole crowd konws the lyrics, word for word and when I heard this I thought what the fuck is going on. The Song is almost a Hymn for the Crowd.

The Live Album Crushing Some Belgian Scum is a Handnumbered Album and there are only 1000 copies. This is really a good live Album but it's a pity that there are only 1000 copies, it would be better if there were more copies than 1000 pieces.
Everyone who has the chance to buy this Live album should buy it as soon as possible. I hope that Nargaroth one day make another live album like this with more copies.

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