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Black Avantgardiste Nachtmystium Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2
Album, date de parution : 07 Juin 2010 - Candlelight Records / Century Media
Style: Black Avantgardiste

NOTE : 18/20
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1. Cry for Help 01:33
2. High on Hate 03:36
3. Nightfall 03:21
4. No Funeral 05:39
5. Then Fires 05:44
6. Addicts 04:24
7. The End Is Eternal 07:03
8. Blood Trance Fusion 03:30
9. Ruined Life Continuum 04:41
10. Every Last Drop 08:30
Total playing time 48:01

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11 avis 1 18/20

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17 / 20
    CLucker666, Mercredi 25 Juillet 2012 parlez-en à vos amis  
Not your average black metal

Nachtmystium is one of the few very impressive American Black Metal bands along with the likes of Wolves In the Throne Room, and Abigail Williams. All these bands all definitely have a few of the same traits. They all consist of pretty awesome atmosphere and in this album it is just pure awesome. The melodic guitar riffs along with the harsh unique vocals.

Well I love how America has some great black metal now and if the next album is as good as this one then I might have to spend some money. This album has the most unique sound to it and for some reason I absolutely love it. One song that really stands out and shows this great atmosphere and melodic guitar riffs is Then Fires. It carry's a great soothing melody throughout the entire song. I could lay down and put this on repeat and it would put me right to sleep. It is just an awesome relaxing song which is not to common in metal. Usually you want some aggression but these guys focus more on song structure and atmosphere and have an awesome blend of black metal and melodic metal.

The vocals stay somewhat the same throughout the album with his mid range growls but he has the occasional singing and it all sounds fantastic. I really don't think he needs to add much more variety in the vocal style because it works perfect how it is. The singing is even way above average and it is not the usual low pitched talking voice you hear a lot in black metal. It is actual clear singing. Some people would say this takes away from the black metal element which I don't deny but it gives it more melody and groove to the songs and for them it is perfect.

I really do not have anything I could possibly complain about. The production is absolutely perfect for what it is. The guitar tone sounds great. The drumming might be a little repetitive but I do not think they really wanted to emphasize the drumming all that much. I feel as if the drummer is just trying to keep a good steady beat that follows the guitars and leave it at that. From what they managed to finish up on I have no complaints for him doing that.

Now I have not heard Nachtmystium's older albums, just the 2 most recent ones. I heard they are a lot more black metal than these but I am glad to see that they are progressing and trying new stuff from what I have heard because the outcome is something so unique and amazing that it definitely beats your average black metal band. There are hundreds of raw black metal bands but there is only one Nachtmystium and I can not think of a single album that sounds remotely similar to Addicts other than their previous album Assassins. However, I do think Becoming by Abigail Williams definitely does contain some of the same atmosphere but they have totally different song structure and melody.

Well that is about all I have got to say about the latest Nachtmystium album. They do have one coming out very soon and I am very excited to see how it amounts to this album. I gave this album a 17 although a 17.5 or maybe an 18 would have worked also.

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