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Band's list Industrial Metal Mushroomhead Remix
Compilation, Released date : 1997 - Filthy Hands / Shroom Co.
Produced by : Popson Jason
Style: Industrial Metal
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RATING : 17/20
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Re-Issue in 2002 with alternate artwork and tracklist.
Original version (1997) :
1. Bwomp (Full Length Mix)
2. Elevation (Skin Mix)
3. 2nd Thoughts (Fuck Like Pigs Mix)
4. Episode 29 (Hardcore Mix)
5. Snap (Gravy Mix)
6. Mommy (Malfunction Mix)
7. Everyone's Got One (Only Mix)
8. The Wrist (Hand of Solo Mix)
Multimedia bonus :
1. Born of Desire (live video)
2. Chancre Sore (live video)
3. Simpleton (music video)
Re-issue version (2002) :
1. 43 (Sonar Mix)
2. Elevation (Skin Mix)
3. 2nd Thoughts (Fuck Like Pigs Mix)
4. Snap (Gravy Mix)
5. Mommy (Malfunction Mix)
6. Everyone's Got One (Only Mix)
7. The Wrist (Hand of Solo Mix)
8. Episode 29 (Hardcore Mix)
9. Too Much Nothing (Too Many Days in the Studio Mix)
10. Mommy (No Vocal Mix)
11. Bwomp (Nord Mix)

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