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Band's list Hard Rock Motörhead The Wörld Is Yours
Album, Released date : December 2010 - EMI Records / Motorhead Music
Style: Hard Rock

RATING SOM : 15/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Born to Lose
2. I Know How to Die
3. Get Back in Line
4. Devils in My Head
5. Rock 'n' Roll Music
6. Waiting for the Snake
7. Brotherhood of Man
8. Outlaw
9. I Know What You Need
10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

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134 ratings 3 17/20
19 / 20
    Dr.Feelgood, Saturday 01 January 2011 Talk to your friends  
Live To Win

"A band that continues recording albums without changing its style is a band that can Live forever!". There are some clues for Motorhead which prove the above statement. These clues are a never growing iron skull, three musical instruments that are heard like they have never been used before, three members who are more than brothers for almost 25 years and finally, ten songs which clearly show that the world of rock n' roll and metal belongs to a man named Lemmy!

Motorhead do not try to do anything new and if you think that in this album you will hear something different from the other albums, then you better leave it before you start being disapointed! On the other hand if you like them or much better if you love them you will find a treasure during the listenig section.

The first song "Born to lose" is the most powerfull with an unstopable drumming from its begining to the end and its lyrics tale obviously how some of us act in our daily life. I could say that this song with the third one "Get Back in Line" are the hits of the album, but this does not mean that the others are bad and I do not think that there is a bad song in here. Lemmy's love for rock n' roll could not be left out from the album and the song "Rock n roll music" shows what it means for him to be in a calm place singing and drinking Jack Daniels! While you reach the seventh track suddenly you hear something that you think you have heard it again 14 years before, but once you see the title "Brotherhood of man" you realise that it is a new song. The true is that this song has the same rhythm with "Orgasmatron" so we could name it as "Orgasmatron II".

Lemmy knows very well what he wants to write and what exactly we need from Motorhead and this can be analyzed in "I know what you need", a pleasant song able to be heard in any moments. The final song "Bye bye bitch bye bye" is more than a typical Motorhead song and makes anyone say this title to anyone with a bad behavior even if this anyone is a man, a woman or a goverment!

In this album the drums show the first sign of the power, the guitar prepares the ground before the attack and the bass with that unusual voice give us the punch that makes us see that Motorhead in every album will become younger and younger! The magnificent point is that they keep the same sound and yet is heard so fresh!

Only one thing is true about Motorhead, the world is theirs and despite the fact that they were born to lose, although they Live to win! They are Motorhead and they are gonna kick our ass!!


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