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Band's list Thrash Heavy Megadeth United Abominations
Album, Released date : 08 May 2007 - Roadrunner Records
Produced by : Sneap Andy
Style: Thrash Heavy

RATING SOM : 14/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Sleepwalker 05:53
2. Washington Is Next 05:19
3. Never Walk Alone... a Call to Arms 03:54
4. United Abominations 05:35
5. Gears of War 04:25
6. Blessed Are the Dead 04:02
7. Play for Blood 03:49
8. À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) (ft. Cristina Scabbia) 04:11
9. Amerikhastan 03:43
10. You're Dead 03:18
11. Burnt Ice 03:47
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
12. Out of the Tiles (Led Zeppelin Cover)
Total playing time 47:56

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219 ratings 5 16/20
    Vinrock666, Tuesday 08 July 2008 Talk to your friends  
Megadeth's "United Abominations" is actually a Dave Mustaine solo album, but that's not a good thing when the result of this project reeks most like a knock off version of the name brand.

It's not that all of the other members of the band are bad : it's just that the music and lyrics are the sole creation of Mustaine and, therefore, their roles here have become categorically reduced to session musicians.
Lyrically, all of the political angst typically found in Megadeth themes are ever present, but some songs like "Washington Is Next", "United Abominations" and "Amerikhastan" go overboard to the point of cookie cutter. There are flashes of great soloing throughout, though… "Burnt Ice", for example, exhibits an awesome outro of blazing, high octane note playing, and the guitar solos are (of course) Mustaine's number one strengh - God bless him for still having that ability.
Most of the other songs, however, are simply contrived and packaged as if there were actual suits behind the mixing board whispering in Mustaine's ear, "Perfect, your fan base will definitely buy this !"
Again, this isn't to say that the tracks are bad
- "A Tout le Monde" (a song previously released) is quite the better version here and even features the voice talents of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil.
- "Sleepwalker" is an excellent tone-setting first track
- the afforementioned "Burnt Ice" is probably the best track on the album due to it's classic Megadethian aggressiveness.

Artistically, though, none of the songs stand out ; they all sound the same, and no new elements of note appear anywhere. The overall feel of "United Abominations" seems most like a tribute to itself, and if you're cool with that, then I guess it's a good enough record to be enjoyed.

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