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Band's list Thrash Heavy Megadeth Risk
Album, Released date : 30 August 1999 - Capitol Records
Style: Thrash Heavy
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RATING SOM : 12/20
All rates : 13/20 You must be logged to rate this album
Re-Issue in 2004 by Capitol Records with 3 bonustracks.
1. Insomnia 04:15
2. Prince of Darkness 06:26
3. Enter the Arena 00:43
4. Crush 'Em 04:53
5. Breadline 04:32
6. The Doctor Is Calling 05:43
7. I'll Be There 05:12
8. Wanderlust 05:47
9. Ecstasy 04:30
10. Seven 04:46
11. Time: the Beginning 03:10
12. Time: the End 02:30
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
13. Duke Nukem Theme
Bonustracks (2004 Re-Issue)
13. Insomnia (Jeff Balding Mix) 04:17
14. Breadline (Jack Joseph Puig Mix) 04:27
15. Crush 'Em (Jock Mix) 05:08
1. Peace Sells 04:04
2. In My Darkest Hour 06:20
3. Holy Wars 06:36
4. Symphony of Destruction 04:06
5. A Tout le Monde 04:31
6. Use the Man 04:37
Total playing time 52:27

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153 ratings 4 13/20
17 / 20
    vikingman369, Tuesday 31 August 2010 Talk to your friends  
Started because of a phone call Dave Mustaine had with Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich about Megadeth not taking any 'Risks', many thrash-metal fans (you know, the ones who like Master of Puppets, Rust in Peace and Reign in Blood) would call that sabotage from the most hated person of their most hated band. Even the drummer hated one of the songs from this album. However, it's not really as bad as people love to make it out to be.

The album starts out (depending on whether its the original or remastered) with an eerie violin wailing out the main riff to "Insomnia", which, thanks to Dave's unique singing abilities, gives it that fear-inducing quality that makes this song great. The next one is a heavy-metal classic, featuring none other than the object of the affection of the black metal genre - Satan him/herself. The next two might seem like techno-pop songs, but the heavy riffs on "Enter the Arena" and "Crush 'Em" cannot be overlooked. Another ballad-y song, "Breadline" follows, with the chilling "The Doctor is Calling" next. Now to the seventh track, one which will make people's heads turn due to its religious over-tones. Track eight, "Wanderlust", along with "Ecstacy" the next track, are two high points of the album, with the last two acting as two parts of one song simply called "Time."

In summation, is this another RIP? Probably not. Is it a good album? In my opinion, it's worth the money. Get both the original and the remastered, if you can, and compare which versions of the songs you like. Personally, the few extra seconds on "Wanderlust" and the remixed audio on "Prince of Darkness" are a few good things done on the remaster, whereas the violin intro from "Insomnia" was something Dave should have kept.

Now it's your turn to take the Risk and try this album for yourself

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