Mass Genocide Process - Visions Of War

Liste des groupes Crust Mass Genocide Process Mass Genocide Process - Visions Of War
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Nom du groupe Mass Genocide Process
Nom de l'album Mass Genocide Process - Visions Of War
Type Split
Date de parution 2005
Style MusicalCrust
Membres possèdant cet album2


1. Intro / Inner Circle of Fear
2. Collapsed
3. Eternal Spiral of Madness
4. New World Misanthropy
5. Way Of Despair
6. Seeds of Destruction
7. I'm Drunk
8. No Love's Lost
9. Illusion
10. I Mörkret (Avgrund)
11. Det Sista Kriget (Disfear)
12. Int-rot
13. Symbols and Ruins
14. Vote
15. Dead Nothing
16. Threated Like Shit
17. Circle
18. Out-rot
19. Know Your Enemy
20. Disgusting Tribes
21. Fucking Choice
22. Unemployed in Belgium

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