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Band's list Nu Metal Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
Album, data de lançamento : 24 Outubro 2000 - Warner Music Group
Produced by : Gilmore Don, Recorded at : NRG Recording Studios
Style: Nu Metal

Todas as avaliações : 17/20 Tens de estar conectado para submeter a tua avaliação
1. Papercut 03:05
2. One Step Closer 02:36
3. With You 03:23
4. Points of Authority 03:20
5. Crawling 03:29
6. Runaway 03:04
7. By Myself 03:10
8. In the End 03:36
9. A Place for My Head 03:09
10. Forgotten 03:14
11. Cure for the Itch 02:34
12. Pushing Me Away 03:11
Total playing time 37:52
Bonustracks (Japanese Edition)
13. My December 04:20
14. High Voltage 03:45
15. One Step Closer 02:55
Total playing time 48:52
Bonustracks (iTunes)
13. My December 04:22
14. High Voltage 03:47
15. Papercut (Recorded live at BBC1) 03:09
Total playing time 49:10
BONUS DISC (Special Edition)
1. Papercut (Live at Docklands Arena, London) 03:13
2. Points of Authority (Live at Docklands Arena, London) 03:30
3. A Place for My Head (Live at Docklands Arena, London) 03:11
4. My December 04:20
5. High Voltage (WTC Mix) 03:45
Total playing time 55:51
Hybrid Theory - Live Around the World
1. Papercut (Live from Paris, 2010) 03:07
2. One Step Closer (Live from Frankfurt, 2008) 04:12
3. Points of Authority (Live from Sydney, 2007) 04:07
4. Crawling (Live from Athens, 2009)) 04:40
5. In the End (Live from Melbourne, 2010) 03:32
6. A Place for My Head (Live from Koln, 2008) 03:56
7. Cure for the Itch (Live from Perth, 2007) 01:42
8. Pushing Me Away (Piano Version, Live from Dellas, 2007) 03:40
Total playing time 1:06:48

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301 ratings 7 17/20

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20 / 20
    M.A.G.3_METAL, Sábado 31 Março 2012 falar com os teus amigos  
What a fucking great album!

Sorry for the bad English, I'm from Argentina.

Maybe it's just for the affection I have for this band (it was the first rock band that really fascinated me, the first song of them I heard was 'In the end' when I was 6 years old), but seriously, it's one of the best albums I heard in my life. It is so pure and so powerful that for me it's always the best album of the band.

A collection of 12 songs that any rocker should know, like it or not. His style is one of the best ever experienced. Mergers, provided by Mike rap, rock, and metal parts provided by Chester, Brad, Scott and Rob and electronic effects of the great Mr. Hahn. I am a really open-minded listener, but I do not really like metal, except for heavier songs like One Step Closer, but rather, a heavy rock/rap fusion.

Okay, from an objective point of view I must make the following revision. Music: 9, is a unique fusion of rap, rock and industrial, with some influence of alternative metal. Lyrics: 9, very personal and somewhat dark, considering that most of the album is written by singer Chester Bennington about his personal experiences as a youth. Originality: 10, this is something you do not see every day, this album has a deserved place in the list 84 'The 200 albums that every music lover should have'.


Yes, for people who want things that are not usually seen in the metal and not those metalheads who think that modern bands are crap. highly Recommended.

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