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Band's list Black Metal Life Neglected Bleeding Hope
Demo, data de lançamento : 2005 - Self-Released
Style: Black Metal

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1. Bleeding Hope 12:03
Total playing time 12:03

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1 ratings 1 18/20

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    Satanicarchangel, Domingo 20 Maio 2012 falar com os teus amigos  
Solid release, shame it's only 1 one track long...

Life Neglected are different from most Black Metal bands such as Hypothermia and Trist. For starters they are very riff oriented. The riffs are original, well composed, and are surprisingly catchy. There's also numerous riff changes throughout the whole demo, unlike bands who play one melancholic riff and repeat it into oblivion for the whole of the song e.g. Nostalgie. Life Neglected neglect that idea and create a song that's not only brilliant but is fairly complex in it's own right. The riffs are varied which helps to keep the music entertaining. The use of clean guitars is splendid, the intro riff is beautiful to say the least, and is tastefully depressing. Apart from the intro they're hardly featured at all although when they do come in they work brilliantly.

The vocals are another thing to mention, unlike most Black Metal bands who try to be the next Silencer. Life Neglected uses the usual black metal rasp akin to bands such as Nocturnal Depression and the previously mentioned Nostalgie. They're also fairly thick in the mix though not so much that it over powers the music. The drums are pretty standard, they play simple beats, and they're not particularly interesting but they do their job just fine. The bass is also fairly audible for a Black Metal release. Unlike other bands whose bass is buried under the static buzz of the guitar, Life Neglected's bass is quite audible though not as much as let's say Mortifera. They're still pretty clear which is a nice change from the usual inaudible deal present in this genre.

Overall it's a great release though it is a bit short, I recommend it for Black Metal fans who are looking for something a bit different and more varied within the genre.

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