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Band's list Symphonic Heavy Lana Lane Queen of the Ocean
Album, Released date : 1999 - Think Tank Media
Style: Symphonic Heavy

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RATING : 17/20
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Re-issue in 2005 by Think Tank Media in a USA version with 2 bonustracks
1. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen
2. Night Falls
3. Queen of the Ocean
4. Let Heaven in
5. Frankenstein Unbound
6. Souls of the Mermaids
7. Rainbow's End
8. Without You
Bonustrack (Japanese Release)
9. Season's End
Bonustracks (European Release)
9. Through the Rain
10. Escher's Staircase (Live)
11. Symphony of Angels (Live)
Bonustracks (2005 USA Re-Release)
9. Rhapsody
10. Symphony of Angels (Live)

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