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Band's list Symphonic Heavy Lana Lane Gemini
Album, Released date : 30 January 2006 - Think Tank Media
Style: Symphonic Heavy

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1. White Room (Cream Cover)
2. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
3. Long Long Way from Home (Foreigner Cover)
4. You Can Never Go Home (The Moody Blues Cover)
"Pink Moon Suite"
5. Breathe Introduction (Pink Floyd Cover)
6. Johnny Moon (Heart Cover)
7. Breathe in the Air (Pink Floyd Cover)
8. On the Run (Pink Floyd Cover)
9. Time (Pink Floyd Cover)
10. Breathe Reprise (Pink Floyd Cover)
11. Dream of the Archer (Heart Cover)
12. Starrider (Foreigner Cover)
13. Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream Cover)
14. Wooden Ships (Jefferson Airplane Cover)
15. Nights in White Satin (The Moody Blues Cover)

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