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Band's list Deathcore Labyrinthe The Depths of Hell
Album, Released date : 13 March 2012 - Tribunal Records
Style: Deathcore

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RATING : 18/20
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1. Body Chute
2. Flesh Fixation
3. Blood Baster
4. Raped by Trees
5. Saw Mill Road
6. Razor Wire Noose
7. Gutter Sludge
8. Defiance
9. Bordello for the Dead
10. Cauterizer

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1 ratings 1 18/20
    Marcus_Hill, Tuesday 01 May 2012 Talk to your friends  
an original deathcore release

The Depths of Hell is Labyrinthe's debut album, release in March of 2012. I got this album a couple weeks ago, put it on my iPod, and only listened to a couple of songs. Now that I actually listened to the whole thing, I was blown away! Labyrinthe is one of the most heaviest deathcore bands I have heard in a while! After hearing this, I couldn't stop thinking of the brutal music that these guys have brought to the game.

Having these guys come into the deathcore scene, I thought they were one of those bands that would have only one good song on the album. I, was, wrong. very wrong indeed. I don't have anything bad to say about this album. Everything about it is just perfect I'd say. the guitar, vocals, and drumming are just amazing, and put together well. all the songs have different sounds, making this album worth listening to because its not the same stuff that you heard in the last song. Everything is fresh and new in every song. Which makes me love this band even more because of the effort that these guys put into their music.

The songs on the album have breakdowns, crushing vocals, and BASS DROPS! All of the qualities in which I seek of a deathcore band is all present on this album. the thing that I love about this album, is the oomph that they bring. the first thing I hear in the song Razor Wire Noose, is the beginning. The drums, guitar, and vocals all fit well.

Overall I'm amazed by this album. Labyrinthe has got a great start, especially with this album. I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys come out with in the future. 20/20

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