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Band's list Brutal Death Kataplexy Mind Deterioration
Album, Released date : 10 December 2011 - Self-Released
Style: Brutal Death

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RATING : 15/20
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1. We Gorge
2. Cryptic Slaughter
3. Inhuman Disembowelment
4. Apocalyptic Genocide
5. Intermission Zamboni Disfigurement
6. Eternal Sodomy
7. To Rid the Human Race
8. Realm of Time

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0 ratings 1 15/20
    GandhiEgo, Monday 28 May 2012 Talk to your friends  
Somewhere in between early Deeds of Flesh and Sexcrement!

Needless to say I had a hard time reviewing the band. As they sent the mp3 files to review their self-released debut, I would always get it wrong. Sure it's nothing like Kataklysm, Katatonia but I always ended on Katalepsy or Kataplexia...Damn you. It's KataPLEXY! No more katastrophes…

Hailing from Chicago and having built some kind of decent and loyal fanbase, Deathsters from Kataplexy are ready to be signed on to unleash their onslaught of Brutal Death Metal. Ranging anywhere between early Deeds of Flesh and Sexcrement, like the latter, Kataplexy show that Death Metal with a groove is not extinct yet. The first reference to Deeds of Flesh should be enough to convince you that these guys mean business. This Death Metal, brutal and yet played the (rather) old-school way will please anyone that thinks the style got lost because of German dead flesh eaters and other guys that had their brains drilled.

Short tracks with ingenious riffing and a perfect blend of musical mastery and imparable neck-breaking moments make up the most of Mind Deterioration. The Kataplexy dudes always get straight to the point and do not lose themselves playing some kind of too-technical ass-wankery: no this is solid Brutal Death Metal and it doesn't take a PhD to know that songs like Intermission Zamboni Experiment (maybe the best track on the album) or Eternal Sodomy are meant to be played on stage because they have this very "live" and "immediate" feeling.

I’d love to get on and on with this new and fresh slab of brutality but the short duration of it (25 minutes!) make it a bit hard to expand on it for ever. Maybe next time when they will eventually get signed they can offer something a bit lengthier. But even if they don't, it is fine with me as I'd rather listen twice to such a record than some dulled and generic shit. Only next time, don't send such shitty mp3 files!

Recommended for all of you who think that technical brutal death metal is not a synonym for plastic music and if you feared that the "self-released" label would make it hard to find, just shop at Sevared and add it to your next order.

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