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Band's list Stoner John Christ Flesh Caffeine
Album, Released date : 1999 - Unknown label
Style: Stoner

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RATING : 10/20
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1. Flesh Caffeine
2. Tell Me Why 05
3. Stop The World
4. I'm Gone
5. Judgment Day
6. Talkin' Dirty
7. I Heard What You Said
8. Slow Down
9. Shadows
10. Cancer

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1 ratings 1 10/20
10 / 20
    Acer721, Sunday 28 August 2011 Talk to your friends  
Just Like Danzig

I purchased this CD the day it came out and still listen to it today. Every track on it is solid. The production and mix is great. The drummer is Not Chuck Biscuits, but sounds a bit like him. If you like early Danzig material, I believe you will enjoy this CD. John himself handles all the guitars and vocals himself. Listening to this you realize just how important he was to Danzig's sound.

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