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Jason Becker Warmth in the Wilderness Vol II
Tribute, Released date : November 2002 - Lion Music
Style: Guitar Hero

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1. Desert Island
2. Colors
3. Feathers
4. Temple of the Absurd
5. Brightest Star of All
6. Temple in the Cellar
7. Poem
8. Utopia
9. Dialogues at the Moon
10. When you Wish Upon a Star (A Jam for Jason)
11. Imnu
12. Perpetual Burn
13. Life Afterlife
14. Hourglass
15. Meteor
16. Windcrystal
17. Speed Metal Symphony
18. Serrana
19. Images
20. Party Favors
21. Frankenfingers
22. Jewel
23. Peace of Mind (Pt 1)
24. Angel Eyes
25. End of the Beginning
26. Warmth in the Wilderness
27. Lady Luck

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