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Brutal Death Intestinal Alien Reflux Exogenocide
CD, Released date : September 2008 - Sevared Records
Style: Brutal Death

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RATING : 17/20
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1. Exotic Fecal Slaughter
2. Her Ass I Did Blast
3. Seedlings
4. Human Cattle
5. Galgamak Vagina
6. Severe Beating of a Homo Homosapien
7. Beaten into Oblivion
8. Unholy Creation
9. Anal Abduction
10. Dead Slut Fuckfest
11. Rotting Placinta
12. Q-Tip in My Peehole
13. Internal Decapitation
14. Hematemisis
15. Blood Semen Orgasm
16. Blood Semen Orgasm (Demo Version)
17. Human Cattle (Demo Version)
18. Probed with a Cause (Demo Version)
19. Anal Abduction (Demo Version)
20. Family Spatter (Demo Version)
21. Seedlings (Demo Version)

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