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Grindcore Infect (FRA-2) The Beginning of Hate
CD, Released date : 11 June 2012 - Self-Released
Style: Grindcore

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1. The Announcement of Noise
2. Guillotine Is Gay, I Prefer Torture and Quartering
3. You Love Santa Clauss, So I Made a Scarf with His Guts in front of You
4. You're Arachnophobic, So I Threw a Tarentula on Your Face
5. To Burry Alive People Is My Favorite Occupation
6. Haha Seth Putnam Is Dead
7. Joseph Mengele Was My General Practitioner
8. I Crushed Your Mother's Brain with a Metal Bar and Laughed at You
9. François Dohy Has a Flu-Like Syndrom
10. I Bet Your Girlfriend to a Poker Party with Carl Clauberg
11. I Gave a Poor Little Communist Boy to a Neo-Nazi Group of Skinhead
12. Your Kid Is Retarded and Deformed. What a Funny Boy!
13. I Made Your 2 Years Old Daughter Addicted to Drugs
14. I Aborted You When You Was Sleeping and Made You Eat Your Dead Fetus
15. Metallica Is Just a Bunch of Faggot
16. Va Faire la Vaisselle (Gronibard Cover)
17. Misogyny Is Cool
18. Freezer Full of Babies
19. Seth, from Anal Cunt, Had a Heart Attack
20. Anal Cunt was a Gay Ass Band
21. I Took Out Your Liver and Played Football with it
22. I Voluntarily Ran Over Your Kid
23. I Gave Your Identity Card to a Mexican Immigrant
24. I Gave a Poor Little Communist Boy to a Neo-Nazi Group of Skinhead (Fail)
25. Eat a Corpse (Jingle's Bells Cover)

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