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Melodic Death In Flames Sounds of a Playground Fading
Album, Data wpisu : 20 Czerwiec 2011 - Century Media
Wyprodukowany przez : Laghi Roberto
Style: Melodic Death

OCENA SOM : 14/20
wszystkie oceny : 16/20 Musisz się zarejestrować aby dodać ocenę
1. Sounds of a Playground Fading 04:43
2. Deliver Us 03:30
3. All for Me 04:31
4. The Puzzle 04:34
5. Fear Is the Weakness 04:03
6. Where the Dead Ships Dwell 04:27
7. The Attic 03:16
8. Darker Times 03:25
9. Ropes 03:42
10. Enter Tragedy 03:58
11. Jester's Door 02:37
12. A New Dawn 05:53
13. Liberation 05:12
Total playing time 53:51
DVD (Special Edition)
"Recording Sounds of a Playground Faiding"
Total playing time 27:28

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199 ratings 2 16/20

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18 / 20
    CLucker666, środa 14 Grudzień 2011 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
Melodic Death Metal at it's finest

Sounds of a Playground Fading is In Flames tenth full-length album. It is probably one of my favorite albums by In Flames. The melody stays steady throughout the entire album. I really didn't notice anything bad about the album and it kept me interested the whole 53 minutes.

The first song Sounds of a Playground Fading(album titled track), starts off slow with sort of an anthem beginning, but goes straight into a fast paced riff. Then Anders vocals come in and it slows down a bit. After a little bit of time the chorus kicks in and is one of the best choruses in the album. The next song Deliver Us had a beginning that had a slight touch of power metal in it. The puzzle was one of my favorites and it has a very melodic ending that is full of emotion. It definitely hooked me to the rest of the album. Fear Is the Weakness starts off really slow and gets faster and more melodic. It has a tiny guitar solo that goes right into some really powerful riffing.

The whole album sort of had the same vocals. In parts of songs Anders would do some more powerful growls or screams, but mostly kept the solid singing voice he has. By no means does his voice get old, but they probably should have added a couple more growls. Some people didn't like it as much, but I thought it fit the album more.

The drumming is good, but it isn't spectacular. It keeps a pretty steady beat throughout the album and works pretty good in every song. It just doesn't have enough technicality in it. I think if they had maybe put some faster fills in it, then I would have liked it more. All the fills and beats are mid paced, nothing is all that fast.

The guitar riffs are probably my favorite part of the album. They all have a unique sound, that don't get too repetitive. The solos also had a very melodic touch, that I thought was very impressive, and kept me entertained. Some of the slower parts still had a good rhythm guitar part and that made the slow paced parts a lot more interesting.

The song The Attic has one of my favorite intros in the album. I don't know why but I just think it has an amazing melody to it. When it gets to Anders slower soft singing it doesn't appeal to me as much, but I still love it. My favorite song on the album is probably Enter Tragedy. It has a nice breakdown(not your average core breakdown) that is the heaviest on the album and goes into a melodic guitar solo. Right after that it gets heavy again. Jesters Door starts off very slow and has a long talking part in it, then goes to sort of an industrial beat, which I did not care for too much. A New Dawn had one of my favorite riffs of the album and had some growls in it which I liked a lot. The middle of the song has an orchestral sounding part which fits very good then, goes into an Epic growl then singing part. After that it has a very emotional guitar solo.

Liberation was a pretty soft song and the end of the album, It was good and a great outro to this amazing album. I give this album a 18/20.

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