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Death Metal Immolation Close to a World Below
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 07 November 2000 - Metal Blade Records / Mystic Production / Fono Ltd.
Produced by : Orofino Paul, Recorded at : Millbrook Sound Studios
Style: Death Metal

Bewertung SOM : 17/20
Allen Bewertungen : 18/20 Um eine Bewertung für das Album abzugeben mußt Du eingeloggt sein
Re-Issue in 2011 by Cyclone Empire on vinyl
1. Higher Coward 05:00
2. Father, You're Not a Father 05:02
3. Furthest from the Truth 04:26
4. Fall from a High Place 04:37
5. Unpardonable Sin 04:34
6. Lost Passion 05:40
7. Put My Hand into the Fire 04:12
8. Close to a World Below 08:30
Total playing time 42:01

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112 ratings 4 18/20

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    Scandals, Freitag 26 September 2008 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Immolation are veterans of the death metal industry, releasing solid and generally magnificent death metals since their ferocious debut Dawn of Possession in 1991.
They’ve refined their brutal technical and unwavering blasphemy spewing music into something we can rely on.

Unfortunately, I feel they can be regarded as rather underrated, even though they rarely put a foot wrong musically. When you think of death metal, they’re not in the top 5 that instantly pop to mind, but in terms of consistent quality, they probably should be.

After reading a review and hearing a promo version of their newest release (Shadows in the Light), I decided to invest in their back catalogue. The first record I decided to pick up was 2000’s Close to a World Below, an excellent slab of death metal with appropriate Christ baiting cover with a crucifixion scene in the fires of hell and a crowd of damned souls.
Musically, Immolation were firing on all cylinders here, the twisted riffing of Robert Vigna is instantly recognisable, a thunderous chugging section that winds Lost Passion to a close is perfect for a bang of your head, and the blasting starts to both Furthest from the Truth and Put My Hand in the Fire show that Immolation can still blow most death metal bands out of the water. Overall Close to a World Below is a great record, one that kept Immolation at the top of their game and solidified their position as one of the flagbearers of extreme metal to this day.

Lets hope their newest can finally get them the worldwide recognition their individuality and style warrant.
If this is the soundtrack to the world below, count me in…

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