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Band's list Black Metal Ildjarn Forest Poetry
CD, Released date : 1996 - Norse League Productions / Underground Activists
Style: Black Metal
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RATING : 14/20
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1. Whispering Breeze
2. Blackened Might
3. Clashing of Swords
4. No Gleaming Light
5. Blazing Eye
6. Sinking Deep
7. Chill of the Night (Returning)
8. The Blade Flares in Red Light
9. Deeping in Grey
10. Midnight Interval
11. Descending
12. Away with the Dawn
13. Before My Eyes Forever
14. Reflecting Mountains
15. Brother of the Forest
16. Dead Years
17. Dark December
18. Cold and Waste
19. Visions of the Earth (2nd Returning)
20. Risen Seeds of Time
21. Winter Embrace
22. No Place Nowhere

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6 ratings 1 14/20
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