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Band's list Ambiant Black Hypothermia Gråtoner
Album, Data wpisu : 26 Marzec 2008 - Turannum
Style: Black Metal

OCENA : 19/20
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Limited to 1000 copies.
1. Gråtoner I & II 20:59
2. Gråtoner II 14:57
3. Gråtoner IV 11:31
Total playing time 46:47

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6 ratings 2 19/20

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    TortureYourself, Niedziela 01 Kwiecień 2012 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
No special Songwriting, but full of Emotions !!!

I'm sure many people would say if they hear this Album for the first time: "Ah thats way to easy and primitive, I don't listen to such Music...". But the first impression of an Album isn't always right. You always have to get the intention of the band(songwriter). And on Gråtoner it is definitly the case. Sometimes you'll think, even if you like that kind of stuff, what should that be! But I think exactly that is the intetnion of this Album. You should think about what you hear and what kind of impression it is try to transport to the listener of this Album.

I'd say in this Case Hypothermia is trying to transport not just only pure Sadness and Depression. And I exactly thats why they are so different from other DSBM Bands. Of course they are still sad enough, to feel the sadness of this genre, but a I think a better word to discribe this kind of feeling would be melancholie... PURE FUCKING MELANCHOLIE. This hasn't to be negative, it also could be positive as well.

Now to the Sound Quality: Every Song of the Album starts with a depressive minor clean guitar-riff, wich turns into a distortion-riff. Then a drum-kit kicks in. The kit sound a bit thrashy and dumb, wich fits perfectly to the guitar. Only criting would be that the Guitar sometimes if the tempo gets faster, sound a bit fuzzy but it's not that anoying. The Vocals are really nasty and reedy that you sometimes get a real strange feeling (positive). All in all for such an undeground genre, the quality is good.

The Songwriting of this Album is as I said not really complicated. But here in this case, it is doing what it should do. Often used are simpel minor chords or very easy string plucks. The band sometimes just changes from clean to distortsion while playing the same guitar riff or the same strings. The vocalist is doing a very good job. He's scraming as despaired as he can do and he has a talent to transport his emotions direc to the listener. My only critic here would be, that he gets deployd to rarely (At the fist time I was listening I thought it would be just instrumental).

Beside that few critic points the Album is my favorite Hypothermia album. And one of my favorite Albums in this genre.

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