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Band's list Death Metal Horrendous The Chills
Album, Released date : 02 January 2012 - Dark Descent Records
Style: Death Metal

RATING SOM : 14/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. The Womb 05:26
2. Ripped to Shreds 03:32
3. Altars 03:22
4. The Somber (Desolate Winds) 05:01
5. Fleshrot 03:40
6. The Ritual 04:47
7. Fatal Dreams 05:24
8. Sleep Sickness 01:26
9. The Eye of Madness 09:12
Total playing time 40:30

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16 ratings 1 16/20
18 / 20
    metalwahine, Saturday 14 January 2012 Talk to your friends  
Horrendous is one of the best death metal bands that I’ve heard in a long time

What I love about being a writer for a great metal webzine is that I get introduced to all kinds of talent that I haven’t heard before. I don’t think I’m that limited when it comes to my genres of metal but I’m coming to realize that there are a ton of great bands that I’ve been missing out on. Horrendous is definitely one of those bands with a huge callback to the death metal days of the late 80’s/early 90’s era with shredding riffs and bleak vocals that are along the lines of the late and great Chuck Schuldiner.

There is enough structure to allow the rhythms to go from a galloping speed to a slow creeping, churning haze full of distortion without allowing any moments of awkwardness get in there like I’ve heard from others in the past. What I also like is that Horrendous is not ashamed to show their influences, they don’t try to hide it; rather they wear it proudly on their sleeve.

Altars” is great track with a rhythm that has you banging your had throughout and completely takes you back to the early albums done by the likes of Death and Obituary while “The Somber” contains echoing vocals and ripping guitar that eventually to more of doom-like or melancholy speed. “Fatal Dreams” takes it back up to blistering madness with pounding drums and low guttural growls. The horror-like interlude of “Sleep Sickness” sets the theme for the nine minute closer “The Eye of Madness” that churns out a dark ambience that goes back and forth between doom and death metal that gives it a nice variation instead of just plodding along with the same repeated rhythm.

Horrendous is one of the best death metal bands that I’ve heard in a long time. For someone so fresh they definitely have clamped down on that old school metal vibe and have mastered it with no problem. Horrendous and their new album “The Chills” definitely deserves your attention, go check it out now!

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