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Band's list Black Metal Horna Sanojesi Äärelle
CD, data de aparición : 29 Septiembre 2008 - Moribund Records / Deviant Records / Debemur Morti Productions
Style: Black Metal

NOTA SOM : 16/20
All rates : 18/20 tienes que ser miembro para depositar una nota
1. Muinaisten Alttarilta 05:30
2. Verilehto 05:22
3. Mustan Kirkkauden Sarastus 04:43
4. Katseet 04:25
5. Askeesi 04:42
6. Sanojesi Äärelle 04:19
7. Orjaroihu 04:28
8. Risti Ja Ruoska 04:54
9. Wikinger (Die Pest Cover) 03:25
10. Merkuriana 06:02
Total playing time 47:50
1. Liekki Ja Voima 10:57
2. Ruumisalttari 07:01
3. Musta Rukous 10:50
4. Baphometin Siunaus 08:39
Total playing time 37:27

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28 ratings 3 18/20

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17 / 20
    hack, Sábado 19 Septiembre 2009 habla de eso a tus amigos  
I bought this double CD set for 17 bucks last year (2008) at a local record store, then a few months later, saw it offered on I-tunes for $20. Saturnus and Shautrag had too many song ideas for one CD so they decided to put out a double album, while their ideas were fresh in their minds. So that they wouldnt forget about their ideas like they had in the past couple of years. The vocals are black metal screams, no technique or gimmicks. Just angry emotion and a passion for black metal. The first disc has Saturnuss songs and the second disc has shautrags songs. The vocals sound the same on both of the discs, but the songs sound differently, because of the different song writers. I love ugly black metal and this is just that , but the first disc rocks out with lively songs, the second disc is boring. Not even creepy, eerie, or scary. So I think that the second disc is just crap and a waste of time.

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