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Fusion Hollywood Undead American Tragedy
Album, Released date : 05 April 2011 - Universal Music Group / Polydor / Octone Records
Produced by : Gilmore Don
Style: Fusion
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All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
Deluxe and itunes edition contain bonus tracks
1. Been to Hell 03:23
2. Apologize 03:27
3. Comin' in Hot 03:43
4. My Town 03:36
5. I Don't Wanna Die 03:59
6. Hear Me Now 03:34
7. Gangsta Sexy 03:54
8. Glory 03:34
9. Lights Out 03:51
10. Coming Back Down 03:23
11. Bullet 03:18
12. Levitate 03:24
13. Pour Me 04:03
14. Tendencies 03:32
Total playing time 50:41
Bonus tracks (Deluxe Edition)
15. Mother Murder 04:10
16. Lump Ya Head 03:37
17. Le Deux 03:45
18. S.C.A.V.A. 04:04
bonus track (itunes edition)
19. Street Dreams 4:04
Total playing time 70:21
Bonus tracks (iTunes Pre-Order edition)
20. Comin' in Hot (instrumental) 3:43
21. Apologize (instrumental) 3:27
Total playing time 77:31

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36 ratings 3 16/20
20 / 20
    SethMichael, Thursday 14 April 2011 Talk to your friends  
...the album grips you from the start...

Despite the fears of die-hard fans and a natural fear of change, these children of LA have come through yet again with a solid album that almost overshadows their debut album Swan Songs. Granted, I was skeptical after hearing of the firing of Deuce (the former lead singer and co-creator of HU) and feared a major change in style or sound in the band I had grown to love. What did Danny (Deuce's replacement) bring to the band some may ask, he brought with him the same drive and style that Deuce had but with an added power to it that Deuce lacked. Personally, I love Deuce and 9 Lives and his softer, Younger voice, but Danny brought a well needed revitalizing strength to the band who really had to show what they were made of in their sophomore album.

Equally, American Tragedy has a great number of "party tracks" and more serious songs, which I feel like they lacked in Swan Songs. Beginning with the powerful song Been to Hell, hitting us all just as hard as when Undead first came out. My personal favorites off the album are Apologize, Comin' in Hot, Gangsta Sexy and Glory. The notes Danny hits on Apologize and Comin' in Hot are vocals unheard of in HU, keeping a strong pulse through the veins of this American Tragedy. Once more, they lay down heavy beats and hard (if not sometimes a bit typical, cliche 'Gangsta') lyrics. One complaint I would have is for something I'm almost sure every rapper does; collaborations. Where was a track or two with Oliver Sykes or Jeremy McKinnon, or personal favorites of mine like Richy Nix or Eminem? My opinion, of course, having enjoyed the album immensely and now only left craving for more.

All in all the album grips you from the start, inducing fists to pump and women to dance, leaving hopefully all of us in the Undead Army waiting with bated breaths for a third album. For reviewers like the LA Times and other haters and nay-sayers, I don't quite know what they were expecting when picking this one up. Hollywood Undead is a band you either love or you hate (or think is just okay), obviously it is not for everyone, but said people should never feel like it's necessary to voice their opinions as if they were the "gospel truth". For any REAL Hollywood Undead fan, this will be a breath of fresh air, giving many a chance to get Everywhere I Go and Undead off of repeat and have a taste of the HU crew's new best hits. For those of you still not convinced, I can honestly say I got 9 Lives right next to my copy of American Tragedy and end up listening to both religiously.


20 / 20
    SilentDan297, Friday 06 April 2012 Talk to your friends  
Awesome, and that's that!

This album compared to their last album really takes the band to a whole new level since the departure of former vocalist Deuce, despite a new recruit, it still sounds just as rebellious yet more meaning has been put into the mixture of songs. The band's mix of genre's have taken a step forward, adding dubstep and acoustic elements into some of their songs, e.g.: Bullet and Levitate. The band does everything they can to get the sound just right, they even recorded specific songs at a specific time of the day to get either a dark or light feeling to each song, I don't recall any other bands doing that.

It was a shock to all Hollywood Undead fans when we heard that Deuce had left (the clean singer) after all he did help to get the band going in the first place, however Danny (their latest clean singer) has not let us down, his voice is perfect for the songs in this album and I hope he stays in the band.Each song made on this album has it's role, they all link together like a night in Hollywood, from the uprising, to the downfall, then to the strike back! They have put in an amazing amount of effort into this album just as they did on Swan Songs (2008).

This summer of 2012 a new album is expected, and according to Artistdirect, it is one of the most anticipating albums this year, along with Black Sabbath, Metallica, Linkin Park and other bands to follow, and after hearing this album, I can see why, they are an insanely addictive band to get into and if this album was good for you, wait until they release the next album, it could very well blow your mind!

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