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Band's list Thrash Black Hellhammer Satanic Rites
Demo, Data wpisu : 02 Grudzień 1983 - Prowling Death Records
Style: Thrash Black

OCENA : 17/20
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Limited to 200 copies.
1. Intro 00:59
2. Messiah 04:22
3. The Third of the Storms 03:04
4. Buried and Forgotten 06:03
5. Maniac 03:48
6. Eurynomos 03:11
7. Triumph of Death 07:01
8. Revelations of Doom 03:05
9. Reaper 02:30
10. Satanic Rites 07:19
11. Crucifixion 02:47
12. Outro 02:02
Total playing time 46:11

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18 ratings 1 17/20

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    winterdemon, Sobota 14 Kwiecień 2012 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
This Demo cuts youre Veins with a rusty Knife

This is the most important Black (Thrash) Demo of all Time, because never did another band influnence so many Bands in the World, and this is the review about their third Demo Satanic Rites.

Satanic Rites is a Demo that is pure Evil and brutal. There are three Songs of Member of Mayhem at first, Eurynomos is a creature of the greek mythology. This creature eating the carcasses of people in the underworld. The Song is raw and the best is the rasping voice of Tom G. Warrior. Hellhammer is one of the best Bands ever. Hellhammer started as a bad Venom Cover band and then more and more the band gets better and finally they found themselves as Celtic Frost again.

Maniac is a special Track because it has this anger and hate and also the ex-vocalist of Mayhem is called Maniac. I remember when Manheim (Ex-Mayhem) said Maniac was a total Maniac and it's true. The lyrics about this amazing fast Song are about a totally possessed Murder who kills his Victims at Midnight. Maniac is a real Hellhammer classic.

Crucifixion is a very fast and short Song the riff of this Track knocks you out of the shoes because it is just fast and perfectly fits the Voice of Tom G. Warrior. Crcifixion is one of those forgotten Songs of this Demo that's why I love this filthy and heavy Track.

The critic then laughed about Hellhammer and nobody would have ever thought that Hellhammer would exert such a strong influence on the whole Black Metal Scene like Darkthrone, Mayhem and many other Black Metal Bands.

Buried and Forgotten is for me one of those Songs that showed that Hellhammer also can write awsome main riffs and I never will forget this a little kind of melodic main riff and this amazing Chorus. The Lyrics about this Track are about rotting alive in a coffin. For me this is a scary thought, I want never to feel how it is to wake up in a coffin and nobody can hear you screaming for help.

At last I must say this Hellhammer Demo is one of those Demos that every Black Metal Guy should have in his CD Collection because this is the Root of Black Metal. This Demo cuts your veins with a rusty knife.

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