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Band's list Doom Metal Gallow God False Mystical Prose
EP, Released date : 16 December 2010 - Self-Released / Psychedoomelic Records
Style: Doom Metal

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RATING : 15/20
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12" EP vinyl version out in 2011 by Psychedoomelic Records
1. The Sin and Doom of Godless Men
2. The Emissary
3. Summon the Rune Wizard
4. Ship of Nails

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0 ratings 1 15/20
    GandhiEgo, Tuesday 22 March 2011 Talk to your friends  
Inspired Traditional Doom from UK. Elegant and haunting.

It seemed that in the last few years, the Doom Metal scene was mostly concentrated around Scandinavia and mainly Finland with figureheads like Reverend Bizarre or Spiritus Mortis. Even the most extreme side of it had seemed to go further north as well with acts like Colosseum or Shape of Despair. Obviously there have always been Doom bands just about anywhere but its birthplace seemed a bit deserted as of late.

Birthplace? Well, though some may still argue over it, it’s always been assumed that Black SabbathMaster of Reality is the cornerstone of the genre. The album from which all Doom derives. So yes, there are still a few English glories left alive but the sight is poor. Take a look: Anathema? They’ve turned into some prog acoustic disaster and long gone are the times of Silent Enigma. My Dying Bride, maybe they're still here and their concerts are worth going to but in studios have they ever surpassed or at least equaled something like their first recordings? No. Cathedral? A good contender you may say but then again their late recordings were more tributes to the sound of the 70s rather than pure Doom records and to top the cake they just disbanded. Paradise Lost? Ok, you must be joking. Warning? A fine band but why did they have to split up? Enough of the ranting, you see the point. A dying scene is all we’ve got left in Great-Britain.

All? Well, not so quite. Gallow God formed in 2009 and in that relatively short amount of time, they came up late last year with a record of elegant beauty that may hold great promises for the otherwise moribund British scene.

False Mystical Prose may only feature four tracks but they’re daring, haunting and powerful. Chances are you’ll hear quite a bunch of different influences in Gallow God’s sound but the epic feat here is that they’ve taken most of the Extreme Doom Metal codes and arranged it into Traditional Doom Metal. Did you get that? Should I reformulate it? OK. Gallow God play Traditional Doom Metal with arrangements very close to Doom Death. Can't make it any clearer.

All the tracks though coherent with one another have their own specificity. ‘The Sin and Doom of Godless Men’ begins with crushing guitars that wouldn’t have ashamed Finnish masters Thergothon mixed with vocals that would have found their right place on Ethereal Mirror (minus Dorrian’s legendary bad singing…). ‘The Emissary’ soon follows to evoke remnants of Anathema’s Serenades with bits of Black Sabbath and Warning. And so on.

It’s then ok to hear Trouble, Cathedral and other minor or major gods of the Doom pantheon because it seems that all their ghosts just congregated to praise Gallow God’s genius. Obviously, the Brits are on to something and subsequent releases, their debut for instance, will be scrutinized. Will they give birth to some Doom mammoth having worked better at shedding their influences and finding their real sound or will they wither away with only one good offering for us to contemplate?

I certainly hope for a fantastic debut and every Doom fan should do so as well.

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