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Exploited Asian Teens Extremely Abhorrent Torture
Démo, Released date : 16 November 2007 - Self-Produced
Style: Experimental Metal

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1. I Am You Are Me Who
2. Cheap Non Alcoholic Beers
3. Who Is Dian Sastro
4. Punk Is so Two Thousand and Three
5. Bad Tempered Mother Fuckers
6. Aku Bukan Pengemis Cintaaaa
7. Forget the OMG... Here Is the OMGSL
8. Ketik afi Spasi Kontol
9. Ifan Gunawan Pengen Ganti Kelamin Seperti Dorce Gamalama
10. Taman Lawang Is Not the Place to Be
11. Party Line for Loosers
12. This Song Doesn't Sound Like Splattered Brains (Agathocles Cover)
13. Fuck the Petualangan Sherina, EAT Is Better

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