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Band's list Death Metal Ex Dementia The Red Mass
CD, Released date : 2009 - Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (HPGD)
Style: Death Metal

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RATING : 14/20
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1. Shadow in the Chapel
2. Mud and Blood
3. Liquid Flesh
4. The Radiant Ravenous
5. Splattervision: Channel 2
6. Belial the Basket Case
7. The Red Mass
8. Dead! Nude! Dancers!
9. Welcome to Hell (Venom Cover)

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0 ratings 1 14/20
    GandhiEgo, Tuesday 19 January 2010 Talk to your friends  
Ex Dementia is an American band signed by the aptly named label Horror Pain Gore Death home to some bands like Eatmyfuk, Mental Funeral or the mighty Abscess.

The Red Mass is their third offering and is definitely worth a few listens. While preparing this review, I came across a few others that were not so enthusiastic about Ex Dementia’s latest release. One of them going as far as labeling it “junk-food metal”. Don’t believe everything you read out there. Especially “junk-food reviews” written just to have it featured on a webzine.

These guys kick some serious ass. Are they the next band to go beyond the boundaries set by Origin and its clones? Nope. Are they the next big sensation in the blackened Death Metal revival? Nope. No, these guys play some good ole Death Metal with the intent of doing something utterly catchy that will have your feet stomping and your head banging the very first minute you’ll play this record.

That may sound easy just reading this but most times it takes some real talent to achieve simple things. Listen again to your old classics, Severed Survival, Slowly We Rot or Realm Of Chaos. These records might not be your typical technique-laden releases plagued with oh-so-technical bullshit, but they go straight to the point. What point? You wanting to kick some ass.

Ex Dementia delivers nine furious tracks. For the sake of comparison, let’s just say that their music delivers crushing riffs a la Autopsy mixed with the Speed Metal intent of Engorged or early Exhumed. Add to this a quite nice and refreshing dose of “good” humor and you have one of the most entertaining records released in 2009.

This Red Mass will obviously not be one of 2009’s landmark records but unlike records that are soon praised and forgotten, I could bet a couple bucks that Ex Dementia’s record will be one that will often find its way back to your CD player. Again simple and straight to the point.

As if it were not enough, those guys have invited a few prestigious guests to sing along to their thrashy anthems! Parasitic Tim from Splatterhouse lends a hand on The Radiant Ravenous, Impaled’s Ross Sewage delivers a couple grunts on Splattervision Channel 2 and the mighty Chris Reifert (if you need some clue as to who he is, you're probably not that into Death Metal...) shows up on Mud and Blood. That’s what I call some fucking guest stars.

Sure there's that Venom cover that won't be too much memorable. But fuck, these guys did not mean to surpass old gods. Just pay tribute to the band with the attitude. So spare them some unfounded blabber... My only complaint is that the whole record is not even 30 minutes long and a few more tracks wouldn’t have hurt. No it wouldn’t. But then again, unless you’re fucking quadriplegic, you can just hit replay on and on until your neck hurts too much.

You know what to do. If you’re in the US, take the time to contact directly HPGD and if you're in Europe you can get all three Ex Dementia's records from Selfmadegod at a very fair price. If you live elsewhere... well... I'm not Google, am I? ;)

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