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Encoffination O' Hell, Shine in thy Whited Sepulchres
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 15 November 2011 - Selfmadegod Records
Style: Death Doom

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Bewertung SOM : 13/20
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1. Sacrum Profanum Processionali 01:05
2. Rites of Ceremonial Embalm'men 05:05
3. Ritual Until Blood 04:25
4. Elegant in Their Funebrial Cloaks, Arisen 04:09
5. Crypt of His Communal Devourment 04:54
6. Washed and Buried 04:54
7. Pall of Unrequited Blood 03:55
8. Annunciation of the Viscera 10:35
Total playing time 39:02

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5 ratings 1 12/20

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    GandhiEgo, Mittwoch 16 Mai 2012 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
No quarter.

When Ghoat and Elektrokutioner teamed together in 2008 to give (still-)birth to Encoffination, there probably remained not one single doubt about those two guys’ initial intent. Ghoat, of Father Befouled and Vomitchapel fame, among others, and Elektrokutioner, Decrepitaph’s mastermind, are known in the Death Metal scene to be lovers of anything oldschool, but little were we prepared to receive the mortal blow that was Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh.

Putrid and slow as an amputated zombie, the music of Encoffination's debut took Death Metal into the realms of rigor mortis as fast as a blindman sitting on broken down wheelchair. On Decrepitaph’s Condemned Cathedral, Elektrokutioner had clearly expressed his passion for acts like Obituary or Asphyx, known to drop down the pace to a languid stupor, but together with Ghoat, he pushed the resolution even further.

With its distinct Father Befouled touch thanks to Ghoat, Encoffinations’ music is clearly not aiming at pleasing your average Death Metal fan. If you have no love or acquired taste for the plainer Doom Death acts, chances are you’ll have a hard time getting into either one of their two records. And most likely even so more with sophomore release O’ Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres.

Where the debut would indulge in inserting a few horror movie samples to give some welcome “color” into Encoffination’s music, this latest release forbids any such frivolities. Besides a few bell tolls to accentuate the mortuary impression, it is all about slow-paced (even more than on the debut), crushing, omnidoompotent Death Metal that shows no mercy nor gives any quarter. In this regard, the experience is even more demanding than it previously was though musically Encoffination has not moved an inch from their stand.

To sum this up, if you had acquired Encoffination's debut and liked it, you will not be disappointed except if you were looking for some kind of evolution in their music (though I’d be surprised if it were the case if you follow that peculiar scene). If you didn’t know up until now what this band was about, brace yourself up with courage and perseverance as the chills will eventually come if you let the cold touch of Encoffination pierce right through your bones.

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