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Melodic Metal Dragonland Under the Grey Banner
CD, Erscheinungsdatum : 18 November 2011 - AFM Records
Style: Melodic Metal

Bewertung SOM : 17/20
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1. Ilmarion 03:18
2. Shadow of the Mithril Mountains 05:44
3. The Tempest 04:13
4. A Thousand Towers White 04:07
5. Fire and Brimstone 04:31
6. At the Inn of Eamon Bayle (Bonustrack) 03:56
7. The Black Mare 06:13
8. Lady of Goldenwood 04:16
9. Dûrnir's Forge 04:58
10. The Trials of Mount Farnor 05:26
11. Throne of Bones 01:47
12. Under the Grey Banner 08:04
13. Ivory Shores 03:18
Total playing time 59:51

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27 ratings 3 18/20

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    metalwahine, Sonntag 29 Januar 2012 Benachrichtige deine Freunde  
Dragonland sets the bar even higher for those of the fantasy/power metal genre with their latest album, “Under the Grey

Dragonland sets the bar even higher for those of the fantasy/power metal genre with their latest album, “Under the Grey Banner”. Not being a gigantic fan of this type of metal I decided to go outside my comfort zone anyway by reviewing it and I have to say I was not in the least bit disappointed. Setting the tone at the beginning with symphonic elegance it also combined with majestic speed, power, and melody. The stunning vocals of Jonas Heidgart only enriches the music as well the incredible skill and talent supplied by Olof Morck (lead guitar), Jesse Lindskog (guitar), Anders Hammer (bass), Elias Holmlid (keyboards) and Morten Lowe (drums).

The album starts out with a powerful symphony on the beginning track, “Illmarion” that continues to build up with intensity until it leads you into the second track that has a strong female voice telling a story of distant lands and the pride and honor that is held within, immediately followed by a shredding guitar lead and Jonas’s charismatic vocals. You can feel the story start to unfold with “The Tempest” and if you just sit and close your eyes you can feel yourself soaring across the ocean and over distant mountains until you reach this beautiful kingdom that is on the verge of battle. This album just keeps your imagination going while you’re listening to it, not in a Lord of the Rings/Dungeons of Dragons type of fantasy but with something that is truly beautiful and rich.

“Fire and Brimstone” has a guest appearance from the musical actor, Fred Johanson” that gives the track an even more bombastic feel that keeps growing with every note.”Lady of Goldenwood” is another wonderful song that continues to shows off more of Jonas’s talents with a softer approach to his vocal style and is joined by the equally talented vocals of Elize Ryd, singer for the Swedish metal band Amaranthe. “The Ivory Shores” concludes the album perfectly with a sense of power that will honestly leave you covered in goose bumps with Elize’s beautiful voice and haunting music played in the background.
Under the Grey Banner” takes you on a mystical journey that’s full of emotion and imagination that you’ll only be able to appreciate if you let yourself go, don’t hold onto any biases you have about this genre and just listen. It holds dark melodies combined with tight musicianship and melody that, at the very least, will peak your curiosity. You do not want to miss out!

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