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Band's list Black Heavy Demonaz March of the Norse
Album, Released date : 01 April 2011 - Nuclear Blast
Style: Black Heavy
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RATING SOM : 17/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Northern Hymn 00:50
2. All Blackened Sky 04:27
3. March of the Norse 03:41
4. A Son of the Sword 04:35
5. Where Gods Once Rode 05:11
6. Under the Great Fires 06:34
7. Over the Mountains 05:07
8. Ode to Battle 00:39
9. Legends of Fire and Ice 04:24
Bonustrack (Digipack Version)
10. Dying Sun 04:03
Total playing time 35:28

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60 ratings 3 16/20
20 / 20
    Dr.Feelgood, Sunday 03 April 2011 Talk to your friends  
The Son Of The Frozen Coast

It seems that in the last years more and more musicians decided to record solo albums whether it is a success for them or not. So Demonaz decided to do the same and in the beginning I thought it would be an instrumental album and yet black metal. The true is that its title is heard more epic than black and this is what one realizes by the listening of the album, epic and black are one, the clue of melody is above them and in the end the magic is still here. This album will be the main theme of our conversations for months.

The intro song "Northern hymn" is the first sample which puts you into the basic theme of the album, acoustic guitars and voices of those who honour the epic stories. All the rest songs are perfect and for me it is too difficult to find a filler especially in songs like "March of the Norse", "A son of the sword" and "Over the mountains". These songs could be easily characterized as hymns of this year and of our future in epic/black metal. Riffs that cannot leave you empty, the solos are the meaning of melody and the rhythm which can awake all the dead knights and kings and make them rise from their ashes and fight for one more last time. In case now you believe that the most songs have the same riffs, you better check them again and then you will see that each song completes the previous one, but be careful March of the Norse is not a concept album.

This album cannot be regarded as a sequel of Immortal's albums because, despite the characteristics of Abbath's band in some songs it is clear that Demonaz wanted to follow Quorthon's steps. So, after the first listening Bathory is the first thing that you are going to think and it could not be different. The song "Where gods once rode" reminds me in some parts of "One rode to asa bay", something that makes me happy. Maybe some of you say "we do not want a new Bathory album from someone else", but the point is that Demonaz does not immitate Qurthon but he uses all the epic and black clues of Bathory combined with those of Immortal and the result is perfect.

It is strange to me that Demonaz did not play any of the guitars in here, but I am not disapointed by this because Ice Dale proves why he had be chosen for this place. Abbath is here too, playing the bass and the backing vocals. Do not you think that Demonaz's voice is common to Abbath's?

March of the Norse is not just a great album, but according to me it is one of the best if not the best album in metal for this year and the best epic/black metal album after the final Bathory album. This album is not only for blacksters, but for all those who like perfect epic albums. So if you have not chosen yet which album you want to buy afford for it, you will feel the cold inside you for one more time!

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