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Band's list Hardcore Deez Nuts Rep Your Hood
EP, Released date : 20 August 2007 - Stomp Entertainment
Produced by :
Style: Hardcore

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RATING : 17/20
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1. In Your Mouth 00:30
2. There's a Party Over Here Ain't Shit Over There (ft. Roman Koester of The Red Shore & Ben Coyte of Day of Contempt and In Trenches) 03:00
3. Rep Your Hood (ft. Ben Coyte of Day of Contempt and In Trenches) 03:17
4. Fair Weather Fans (ft. Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid & Joel Hamlin) 03:44
5. Sex Sells 04:07
6. BF & FF (ft. Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid) 03:36
Total playing time 18:14

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