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Band's list Metalcore Colossus (USA-2) Time & Eternal
Album, Released date : 11 June 2013 - Facedown Records
Produced by : Joshua Barber , Recorded at : Covenant Studios
Style: Metalcore

RATING SOM : 16/20
All rates : 17/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Time 03:49
2. Superficial Saviour 03:30
3. Counterfeit Kingdoms 03:34
4. Dirge 00:52
5. Bereavement 03:59
6. Transgressor 02:57
7. Pentecost 01:00
8. Beacons 02:59
9. Approaching the Throne 04:16
10. Eternal 04:44
Total playing time 31:40

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3 ratings 1 17/20
16 / 20
    VesselsOfBlood, Friday 26 July 2013 Talk to your friends  
Colossal Metalcore

Colossus is a metalcore band that lives up to its simple but looming moniker with their heavy sound. They formed in 2010 from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and they released their debut EP "Sincerity" one year later. Subsequently, the band would be signed to renowned Christian metal and hardcore label Facedown Records (Extol, Hope For The Dying, A Hope For Home). What follows would be the release of the quartet's debut full-length album in 2013, entitled "Time and Eternal." As the band's kick-off within this label, this 10-song record demonstrates the enormous metallic sound that Colossus has to offer.

The musicianship is very good and well-demonstrated in this album. The vocals are entirely aggressive, hurling our way monstrous roars and growls that are performed greatly. The fact that there is no clean singing in this release is a tad unorthodox, as the album's formula consists of heavy yet melodic metalcore. However, this leads to letting the guitars sharing as much of the spotlight as the vocal work, delivering very gripping melodies alongside their brutal riffs. On top of that, the drums are rather simply played, but are just as explosive and vigorous. "Time and Eternal" truly succeeds when it comes to the instrumentation.

Along with the powerful musicianship lies some powerful mixing and production. It was done by Joshua Barber, who has done similar work for bands such as Your Memorial and Hands, and his material here holds up nicely per usual. Every instrument described earlier sounds clear but incredibly potent and allows room for atmosphere and resonance. Because of that, the music comes all together to create a very compelling sound. The mixing definitely plays its role well in the music.

As stated earlier, "Time and Eternal" is a record packed with melodic and heavy-fisted metalcore that is well written and executed. To start off, there is a load of gripping moments that pop from almost every corner of the tracklist, whether they be the brutal deathcore-esque breakdowns or the energetic melodic parts. They could likely get a mosh pit started, and the fact that the speed varies from slower to faster paces makes room for great dynamic. On top of that, these segments are very solidly structured. Every build-up, bridge and pay-off is built on one another in a well-paced and flowing manner, resulting in a catchy yet nicely constructed release.

As the first full-length of a rising band, "Time and Eternal" is quite a strong start. Though it's nothing too unique or innovative in the wake of the metalcore genre, that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. The music is planned and carried out well in terms of energy, flow, and speed, and the instrumentation and production work are done just as successfully. Top it off with some stellar artwork by Dave Quiggle, and you have a very solid and well-crafted metalcore album recommended for fans of that genre. Colossus is clearly off to a great start and a group to watch.

Originally posted on: http://metaljerky.blogspot.com/

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