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Bring Me The Horizon There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen it. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret
Album, Data wpisu : 04 Październik 2010 - Visible Noise Records / Epitaph Records (USA-1)
Wyprodukowany przez : Nordström Fredrik
Style: Metalcore
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OCENA SOM : 4/20
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1. Crucify Me (ft. Lights) 06:20
2. Anthem 04:50
3. It Never Ends 04:34
4. Fuck (ft. Josh Franceschi of You Me at Six) 04:55
5. Don't Go (ft. Lights) 04:58
6. Home Sweet Hole 04:38
7. Alligator Blood 04:32
8. Visions 04:09
9. Blacklist 04:00
10. Memorial (Instrumental) 03:10
11. Blessed with a Curse 05:08
12. The Fox and the Wolf (ft. Josh Scogin of The Chariot) 01:43
Total playing time 52:57

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202 ratings 3 13/20

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4 / 20
    Crinn, Poniedziałek 19 Grudzień 2011 Pochwal się swoim znajomym  
seriously? is that the best you guys can do?

[Originally posted October 6, 2010]

The time that I really started to notice BMTH’s climb in popularity was around five to six months after they released Suicide Season. I have known about them since day one, but I didn’t truly get into them until about early summer in 2009. I currently own all of their albums on CD except for this one. In Count Your Blessings, BMTH was very creative, and was amazing in the area of technicality, musicianship, and tempo. The guitar solos were a bit primitive, but hey, no one’s perfect. Suicide Season somewhat lacked in the musicianship area. But the band was so creative it blew me away. I also noticed that they started drifting towards metalcore a little bit in that album. Two of the songs were pure metalcore.

Now, in their third full length album, they have dropped majorly in musicianship and technicality (except for the drummer, who has gotten much better), they aren’t all that tight anymore, and they aren’t very creative at all. Oliver has officially fucked himself over. He screamed the wrong way, and the yelling thing he does is slightly damaging to his throat. So now, all he does is that yelling thing (which is cool, but it gets old really fast). He does growl a line or two in every other song or so. There are two types of songs on this record. There are the really fast, driving (and sometimes) heavy metalcore sounding songs, which I actually like, most of them aren’t that bad. But the problem is, is that they all basically sound the same. The other songs are more of a soft, really melodic metalcore sounding songs, which annoy me. They have no creativity, and yelling doesn’t sound good with soft music. I would also like to note that the album cover is one of the worst covers I have ever seen. It’s just too weird.

I am only going to talk about the songs that stuck out to me in some way. The first song is a longer than normal song. It’s one of the softer songs, with a few driving parts with the really high pitched melodic trembolo picking that the guitarist likes to do. Then, at the second half of the song, this annoying girl’s voice comes in all digitized (in a very disturbing way) and ruins the whole song. My favorite song off of the record would probably have to be Anthem. The guitars are very simple and not very creative, but the drumming is amazing. This is a song that I would mosh too, and there is some screaming and growling in the song to put the icing on the cupcake. Blacklist is a fairly ok song that has quite a bit of growling in it, and is a good song for the headbangers, but the song is pretty repetitive, and the tempo doesn’t change very much. The song Fuck is stupid. There is no creativity or tempo that I know of. But the lyrics are friggen hilarious.

So overall, the album is pretty crappy for a band like BMTH. The drummer though has improved greatly, so I’ll give the thumbs up on that. I am a diehard BMTH fan, and I’m majorly disappointed with this release. For all you metalcore fans out there, it wouldn’t hurt to give this album a try, some of you out there might like it. This album gets 4/20.

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