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Deathcore Bring Me The Horizon Count Your Blessings
Album, Released date : 14 August 2006 - Earache Records / Visible Noise Records
Produced by : Sprigg Dan, Recorded at : DEP International Studios
Style: Deathcore

RATING SOM : 10/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
Re-Issue in 2008 by Earache Records with 1 bonustrack.
1. Pray for Plagues 04:21
2. Tell Slater Not to Wash His Dick 03:30
3. Braille (for Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only) 04:29
4. A Lot Like Vegas 02:09
5. Black and Blue 04:33
6. Slow Dance 01:16
7. Liquor and Love Lost 02:39
8. I Used to Make Out with Medusa 05:38
9. Fifteen Fathoms, Counting 01:56
10. Off the Heezay 05:38
Bonustrack (Re-Issue 2008)
11. Eyeless (Slipknot Cover) 04:04
Total playing time 40:13

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157 ratings 3 16/20
19 / 20
    grave111, Saturday 09 October 2010 Talk to your friends  
First I will say that BMTH is a great band and its totally demonstrated in this album, which is in my opinion BMTH's greatest album.

first, the the guitar work is unbelievable with all the little soloing it blows up your mind, you first thing like " ummm this album is good, yeah", but if you really get into this album and you hear separately each song, each instrument, you will hear a harmony with all of them, but its really weird when you are hearing the album because its really heavy its big y loud and when you are more exited hearing it, it appears fifteen fathoms, counting an acoustical song without any voice.

Second, Oliver Sykes vocal work is great but he's destroying his throat every time that he doesn't do thick guttural, if you hear BMTH's newest album "there's a hell, believe me, I've seen it, there's a heaven, let's keep it a secret" you will hear that Oliver throat is totally fucked up, and he keeps fucking it up.

I would like to say also that when I heard the Eyeless cover, I was like OMG this is freaking awesome, and its no only because slipknot is a great band, but because the cover is really well done it seen like if slipknot were doing the song only a bit more screamed.

To finish, this entire album is great, some songs are better than others (of course), and the songs I most like from this album are: Pray for Plagues, Black N' Blue and Off The Heezay.

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